Unit 4 / post 4: Persuasion can be a destructive tool…

Persuasion can be a destructive tool…

Individuals go through their life most of their time influenced by persuasive communication styles, advertisements used by people who are trying to convince the public of their opinions, politics and/or values. Aristotle was an Ancient Greek philosopher who enlightened communication with his theories of persuasion; he believed in the division of three main artistics proofs (Logos: logic, Pathos: emotions, Ethos: morality) in order to persuade others. I believe that one is encountered with persuasive communication strategies along their whole pathway. It is true that in order to get one person to do as you please, the person needs to be invaded with facts, or implications that either affect their morality or emotions. 

During the pandemic, approximately March of 2020. I was going through a very difficult time of my life, just like everyone else during this period of time. I think that many news articles, TV, social media and at some point the government applied persuasion into their business in order to get individuals to believe that everyone was dying from Covid-19 or that the vaccine was the “cure.” I got to a point in which I found myself scared to go outside, I was literally stuck in my aunt’s house for 2 months because I was panicked that if I went outside without being vaccinated I was going to die. In my opinion the news often uses persuasive strategies like pathos and logos because a lot of people get convinced really easily when the information they are receiving affects their emotions directly or indirectly. 

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